Medford Massachusetts Air Conditioning Specialist


Summer is here and your home or business is heating up! Don't sit and sweat! Call Peter Needham Electrical and HVAC - Peter is the Premier Medford, Massachusetts Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Specialist. Peter is available 24/7 to fix your air. Peter also installs new air units. Mini-splits, forced air, commercial air, you name it, he does it. Additionally, since Peter is also a Master Electrician, you don't have to hire a separate electrician to have your new air unit hooked up to your electrical panel. Peter can manage the whole installation, from beginning to end.  

Peter and the employees of Needham Electrical & HVAC is respectful of your property. When you let Peter and his crew into your Medford home or place of business to install new or to repair existing air conditioning, you won't have to worry about a mess being left behind. 

If you want someone who is licensed and insured close to your home or business in Medford, Massachusetts, then Peter Needham is the right HVAC specialist for the job.  Peter has over 35 years of experience, and follows local Medford, Massachusetts Electrical & HVAC codes with the utmost care and respect.  There is no other HVAC company in the Medford, Massachusetts area who is better qualified when it comes to Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation. Peter Needham can fix or install your air conditioner in a timely manner.  You will be completely satisfied.  Peter offers a 10% Senior Discount and a 1 year warranty. 

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