Electrical Lineman

Power Outage Survival

Electrical Lineman

The transformer behind your house just blew and there is either no power to your house, you had a surge of power or there is partial power, what should you do?

If you are in a partial blackout or brown out, there is not enough electricity to properly run your furnace or air conditioner so you should shut it off.  Additionally, turn off and or unplug all sensitive electronic equipment, including your fridge, tv, washer, dryer, computers, etc.

Surge protectors are a great way to protect all your electronics from power surges. There are options from whole house surge protectors, to smaller, single unit surge protectors and everything in between.

When the power comes back on, pay attention to your electronics, do you smell burning electrical wires?  If so, unplug the electronics and do some investigating.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Peter Needham Electrical and HVAC, your full service electrical and HVAC contractor.


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