Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace Safety

Electric Fireplace

Many people enjoy the cozy warmth of a fireplace in their home.  However, many of us don’t have the benefit of a real wood-burning or gas burning fireplace, so we must improvise.  Electric fireplaces can offer a nice, cozy and cost-effective alternative to building a fireplace in a home that didn’t come with one.  However, before you go out and invest in an electric fireplace, there are a few things you should consider:

1.) Your electric fireplace may need a dedicated circuit to plug in to.  Check the specifications on the unit before you purchase it.  If you do need a dedicated circuit, you can call Peter to install one.

2.) You shouldn’t leave your electric fireplace on when you leave the house.

3.) You should keep pets and children away from the unit as these units can get hot to the touch.

4.) You need to keep the unit clear of blankets, pillows, papers, etc.  These units need a clear space in order to operate safely.

5.) Electric fireplaces are meant to be used in doors unless otherwise specified.  Don’t take it outside on your patio.  There are other outdoor heating units specifically made for use on a patio or deck.

6.) Only plug an electric fireplace into a grounded outlet.  If you aren’t sure whether your outlets are grounded, call Peter.

7.) Don’t ever use an electric fireplace in an area where there is moisture such as a laundry room or a bathroom.  These units are meant to be used in a dry space.

As always, call Peter for any questions or issues you may have with your electric fireplace.  Peter is available 24/7 for emergency visits. 781.396.4800.

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