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Read “Air Conditioner Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide” provided for your use courtesy of Alert Heating and Cooling Inc. and Peter Needham Electrical & HVAC Inc.


Download and Print “Air Conditioner Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide
Stay tuned for more maintenance and troubleshooting guides.


Personal Touch

Peter came out personally to deal with my HVAC problem.  He came the day after my call.  We had a difficult and intermittent problem that Peter solved in a matter of minutes.  We had been trying to solve the problem for 2 years.  He guaranteed his work.  Peter has a number of licenses, including plumbing and electrical, and he can solve problems that are interdisciplinary in nature.  I recommend  Peter highly.

-Wayne K., Cambridge, MA

Freon Leak Repair

I am very happy with the service received from Peter. While it did take a while to have him come (during a heat wave), he was quick to assess the situation and fixed our freon leak quickly. I appreciate the thoroughness with which he checked to make sure things were working properly before he left. He came on a Saturday to finish the job when he already had a full schedule. I highly recommend him! freon leak repair review


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