outlet safety covers

Electrical Safety and Your Kids

outlet safety covers

Raising children can be a challenging and rewarding experience as those of us who are parents can attest to.  Sometimes the challenge can be getting them to adulthood alive and many of you know what I am talking about.  Take the kid who is always outsmarting his parents from a young age.  The parents think they have their house kid proofed adequately but this kid thinks up new ways to hurt himself.  When it comes to electricity and kids however, there really is very little margin for error.  Child proofing electrical outlets and electrical devices is crucial to their survival (your children not the electrical devices!)

One thing I have learned is if you get down to their level and look around, you will gain a different perspective on what they see and can get into.  For instance, if you have a crawler, crawl around your house and you will begin to notice things that you wouldn’t see while standing up and walking around.  Electrical cords and exposed electrical outlets are two of the biggest dangers for little ones.  To keep little fingers out of electrical outlets, there are several options from the simple to the complex and many in between.  Most kids leave the outlets alone with the simple outlet protector that looks like this:

outlet safety covers

But some kids know how to pick those plugs out of the outlet with their little fingers and they can do it quite quickly.  No sooner have you turned your head than they have it out of the outlet and are ready to stick something else in there.  In that case, there are more complicated options that aren’t as easy for little ones to figure out:

safety covers for outlets

The above outlet covers go on over your outlet instead of your usual outlet plate.  When you want to plug something in you have to slide the cover over in order to do so.  These are a little bit harder for little kids to figure out.

Another hazard I mentioned above is electrical cords.  Frayed cords present obvious hazards and you should repair a frayed cord immediately.  A small child could get a huge jolt from grabbing a frayed or damaged electrical cord.

But there is another danger involving electrical cords.  A cord dangling down from a television or other small appliance could be pulled off the surface it is sitting on by a small child.  A small child who is at the stage of pulling him or herself up and trying to stand or walk, tends to grab at whatever is handy.  Additionally, a dangling cord might look like something interesting to tug on.  Trust me, it happens.

I have mentioned just a couple of ways to keep your small child safe in your home pertaining to electrical items.  Take a few minutes or so and just get on the floor of your home and crawl around.  Look around at the level of your crawler or toddler and take note of any dangerous items they might find interesting.  Those few minutes spent doing this could save the life of your precious little one!

And, as always, for any type of electrical issue, call Peter Needham.  He is available 24/7!


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