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These days DIY is everywhere.  (In case you don’t what that stands for, it is short for “Do It Yourself.”)  Ever since the big home improvement stores started to pop up everywhere, people having been catching the DIY bug.  You probably remember an old motto from one of those stores, “You can do it, we can help.”  Sometimes hearing things like that can give us a false sense of confidence.  We may hear that and think there is nothing we can’t do when it comes to home improvement or home repair.  To make matters worse, there are many, many tv shows now about flipping houses, or doing some kind of home improvement.  Usually, those shows don’t do small home improvement projects, they do big ones that make a big impact.  They are fun to watch, there is no doubt about that!  The only bad thing is, the ideas they give us.  Who can watch one of those shows and not think about the next home improvement project to tackle? I think you get the point.

When it comes to electrical types of home improvement or repair though, things can get tricky.  Even on the home improvement shows, they use licensed pros.  They probably have to in order to avoid liability, but you should as well.  Now, granted, there are some small electrical jobs that the average home owner may be able to tackle such as changing a light bulb, changing out a switch or an outlet, maybe even installing a light.  However, even those types of jobs can cause major harm if you don’t do them properly (or if you forget to turn the power off first!).  By and large, the best thing to do when you want to upgrade any electrical equipment in your home is to call a licensed pro.

Peter Needham is a licensed and insured Master Electrician serving Medford, Massachusetts and many of the surrounding communities. What does that mean for you?  When you hire Peter Needham Electrical you are getting a professional with over 30 years of experience backing every job.  You can also rest assured that whatever job Peter Needham does in your Massachusetts home, it will be done right.  When you go to sell your home one day, you won’t have any surprises from the inspection – at least not on the electrical parts of your home that Peter worked on.  Additionally, since Peter is insured, you can rest assured that if he or any of his workers becomes injured on the job, you won’t be liable.  This is an important issue that many home owners don’t consider.

Some ideas of projects that Peter can help you with are:

  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Electrical Repairs: Large and Small
  • Electrical Panel Upgrade
  • Wiring Violations Corrected
  • Ceiling Fan Installation or Ceiling Fan Replacement
  • Pool Wiring, Outside Ground Fault Plugs, Outside Lighting, Outdoor Speakers
  • Grounding For Lightning
  • Hard-wired Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Indoor Wiring, Including Telephone, DSL, Computer, Telecommunications, Cable TV
  • Plugs, Switches, Dimmers Ground Fault Plugs
  • Circuit Breaker Panels
  • Heating & HVAC Controls
  • Fuses to Circuit Breakers
  • No Power / Blackout Emergency Services

To read more about Peter’s electrical services, you can navigate to the Electrical Services page or you can give Peter a call at 781-396-4800.

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