January 19, 2021

Covid Safety

Recently, an electrician I know made a call to a home to make some repairs.  The client neglected to inform the electrician ahead of time that […]
June 19, 2021

Deadly Electricity Myths

Many of us have believed certain things about electricity and its power throughout most of our lives.  Below, we have compiled a list of common myths […]
June 12, 2021
backyard pool

Electricity and Your Backyard Pool

Last year and this year, it seems that many more people are installing pools in their backyards than at any other time.  Last year, because of […]
May 26, 2021
Residential and Commercial Cooling Services

Residential and Commercial HVAC Startup

Massachusetts weather is hot! You may have put off getting your commercial or residential HVAC system up and running and now you need help asap!  You’re […]
May 24, 2021
GFCI outlet

Electrical Safety and Your Kids