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May 7, 2022
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Alternative Air Conditioning

Suppose you live in an older house that has no air conditioning and baseboard heat.  Your house also has a small attic with no room for air ducts.  You are sick and tired of those noisy window air units and the portable ones are almost just as noisy and a hassle to deal with.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a quieter system that doesn't need duct space and will provide nice, cool air in the summer?  No, it's not impossible.  Have you ever heard of a mini-split?  

Mini-split systems are the perfect solution for a house where the alternative is a window unit or a portable unit - which still has to exhaust out the window, and may require draining the condensation (portable units) thus requiring set up and take down every season and a bit of hassle in between.  

Additionally, some mini split systems not only cool in the summer but heat in the winter.  You can use them as supplemental heating in a room that doesn't stay warm enough or as a primary source of heat if you don't want to use your boiler.

Mini-split systems are also economical to purchase and install.  

If you would like more information about a mini-split system in your house, call Peter Needham Electrical and HVAC and let him give you an estimate for your mini-split system.  You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get some cool air flowing in your house this summer.


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