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    Hiring an Electrician Shouldn’t be That Hard
    November 14, 2021
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    Snow Storm Damage
    January 27, 2022

    Power Surge Protection for your home or business is critical to protecting your expensive electrical equipment.  Many pieces of equipment and appliances can be ruined irreparably by a power surge coming from the electrical lines outside.  To avoid this type of damage, make sure you have surge protection which will properly protect your electrically operated equipment.  Televisions, DVD players, computers, monitors, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, stereos and more could be irreparably damaged by a power surge from the electrical lines outside of your home.   You cannot stop the power surges from hitting your home or business, but you can protect your home and the contents.  What causes power surges?  Storms and anomalies in the power grid, things you have no control over.  So, the best option is to take steps to protect your own home and its contents.

    The most efficient, cost effective and safest way to protect your home against power surges is to have Peter Needham Electrical install a whole house surge protector right into your electrical panel.  The cost can vary, so you will want to call Peter at 781.396.4800 and ask him to give you an estimate (which are free, by the way!).  We can promise you that the cost of the whole house surge protector will be far less than the cost to replace expensive electronic equipment that can be severely damaged by an electrical surge.

    Once Peter has installed the whole house surge protection, there is no need for individual surge suppressors which you plug into the wall.  You can certainly still use those plug in surge suppressors, but it isn’t necessary.

    Have questions about surge protection or anything else electrical or HVAC related?  As always, Peter is available 24/7 to help keep your household or business running smoothly. Give him a call!


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