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June 19, 2021
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Test Your Electrical Knowledge

Electrical Knowledge Quiz

How Much Do You Know About Electricity?

Many home owners run into electrical problems now and then and in the day of DIY everything, many home owners believe they can fix it themselves.  Sometimes going the DIY route is ok, but knowing when to call in a professional could actually possibly save you money in the long run and quite possibly your life as well. Below is a simple quiz we have put together to test your electrical savvy.  Take the quiz and see how your electrical knowledge measures up.


Electrical Knowledge Quiz

Test your Electrical Knowledge by completing the quiz below and have your results emailed to you.

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1. Outlets
Outlets in your home should always be grounded.
2. GFCI Outlets*
Kitchens and bathrooms don’t necessarily need GFCI outlets. True or False?
3. Pool Area Outlets
Pool area outlets should be what type of outlets.
4. Pool Area Outlets (cont'd)
Pool area outlets should be at least how far away from the pool.
5. Flickering Lights and Tripped Breakers
Flickering lights and tripped breakers are never a good thing.
6. Updating Your Service Panel
If you want to upgrade your service panel from a 100 amp service to a 200 amp service, this is an easy job you can do yourself with the help of a YouTube video.
7. Voltage vs. Amperage
Voltage not Amperage can kill you.
8. Surge Protectors
Having a surge protector for your indoor electrical equipment is a good idea
9. Downed Power Lines
Downed power lines are always disconnected.
10. Downed Power Lines (cont'd)
What should you do when you see a downed power line.
11. Whole House Power Outage
You have a whole house power outage but no one else on your street lost power. You think it may have something to do with your service panel so you...
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