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Electricity and Your Backyard Pool

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Last year and this year, it seems that many more people are installing pools in their backyards than at any other time.  Last year, because of Covid 19, many people were home and making as much fun as possible in their own backyards.  This year, it seems the rising gas prices may squelch some travel plans.  Whatever the reason, if you find yourself wanting to install a backyard pool, there are some things to consider, namely the electrical hookup to run your pump and other things for your pool.

There are very specific rules to follow when it comes to electrical hookups and your pool. The outdoor electrical outlet that you plug your pump into must be a GFCI outdoor outlet and the pool wall must be at least 6 feet away from the outlet.  Other general outlets, not GFCI, must be no less than 20 feet from the pool walls. Additionally, you should not position your pool directly under power lines or communication lines.  Position the pool well away from these for the safety of all who will be swimming in the pool.  There are even more rules than these to consider, so for more information Read More.

Peter Needham Electrical and HVAC is the expert when it comes to electrical hookups for your pool.  We can do it all and we know the codes.  Don’t take chances with the safety of your family and friends when you install your backyard pool.  Let Peter Needham Electrical make sure you have what you need to operate a safe and fun pool environment this summer.

781.396.4800.  24 Hour Emergency Service is also available.

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