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Halloween Lighting

Halloween is just a few days away and while trick or treating may look different this year than in years past, that’s no reason to skimp on the Halloween decorations.  Friends and neighbors driving by will still enjoy seeing your house and your artistic flair for decorating!  Even if you’re not artistic, it doesn’t matter, a few lights here and there and voila! You’re all ready for Halloween fun!  Oh, and don’t forget the jack-o’-lantern!

A few weeks ago we did a more serious blog article about Halloween lighting, so this week, we thought it would be nice to write about a little Halloween lights craft idea that is both fun and simple.

Halloween Lighted Jars

Halloween Craft

1.) Find a large or small mason jar or other clear glass vessel.  Whatever size you like is just fine.

2.) Buy a bag of cotton balls, plastic spiders, spider rings or other Halloween related plastic figures, and some glow sticks from the nearest dollar store.

3.) Put the cotton balls inside the jar and position the spiders or other items (we used bats, spiders and skulls in ours) inside the jar but between the jar and the cotton balls so they can be seen.

4.) Crack the glow sticks and push them down into the middle of the cotton balls.

Hint: you could make several of these and line your walkway or driveway with them.  There is no skill or mess involved with this simple Halloween craft, yet the results are fun and a little spooky!

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