Summertime Electrical Woes
July 12, 2020
Reduce Indoor Humidity
How to Reduce Indoor Humidity
July 25, 2020

Spending time outside in our yards in the evenings during nice weather is something most of us enjoy.  Having nice outdoor lighting makes it even more enjoyable.  There are many styles of outdoor lighting so everyone can have what suits their fancy and meets their needs.  It’s even possible to put the outdoor lights on a timer for security reasons.  But how do you decide what outdoor lighting is best?  What about installation and how about those timers?  Do the timers have to be something special in order to be used outside or can an ordinary household timer also be used outside?  These are essential questions to ask when it comes to planning your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is different than indoor lighting.  Outdoor lighting will be subject to the weather so only lighting that is made for being outdoors should be used outdoors.  In other words, outdoor lighting needs to be weather resistant so that rain, snow or even dirt does not affect the operation of the lighting.

Likewise, outdoor timers need to be weather resistant, so you wouldn’t want to use an indoor timer outside unless the manufacturer specifies that it is for use inside and outside.

There are many different types and styles of outdoor lighting.  If you are looking for decorative lighting for enjoying parties in your backyard you may want to hang some string lights from your patio cover.  If you are needing lighting for security purposes, there are motion detection lights which come on when a sensor on the lights senses movement in its path.  If it’s a porch light near your exterior door that you need, there are many decorative and practical options to choose from.  The list is endless and you are only limited by your imagination and of course, your pocket book.

If you have questions or need advice or installation services for your outside lights and/or timers, please contact Peter Needham Electrical and HVAC.  Peter installs outside lights (including pool lights) and he is a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  Don’t DIY it, call Peter!


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