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June 13, 2020
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June 29, 2020
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Safe Extension Cord Use

We are all guilty of it, using an extension cord in an unsafe manner, especially when it comes to running power outside for various purposes…power tools, pool pumps, outdoor fans and a variety of other things.

First and foremost, never use an indoor extension cord for an outdoor job.  Your extension cord will either be rated for indoor use or outdoor use, so use it accordingly to avoid disaster.

Second, never run an extension cord through water. Water is a conductor. When you run an extension cord or any electrical cord through water, you’re asking for trouble. Always make sure the ground is dry before running your cord.

Next, make sure the extension cord is the right one for the job. Don’t use a small extension cord to run your power saw. Check the amperage rating on the cord to make sure it is sufficient for the job.  If you use a 5 amp electrical cord for a 15 amp power tool, you’re asking for a fire.

Make sure your cord is safe before you use it. How does the insulation look on the cord?  If it is cracked or broken, you shouldn’t use it.

When plugging in for outdoor use, make sure you’re plugging into a proper outdoor outlet, which in most areas means a GFCI outlet.  If you’re not sure you have the proper outlet or if you would like to have one installed, call Peter Needham. Peter can handle all your electrical needs, indoor or outdoor.

Peter is available 24/7.  781.396.4800.


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