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Little Things Matter

Space Shuttle Launch

It might seem insignificant but a little thing such as flickering lights could point to a more serious matter.

When the space shuttle Challenger exploded in mid air it was because of a little thing: small o ring seals used in the joints of the rocket’s motors failed due to the cold conditions the day of the launch. This allowed hot engine gases to reach the external fuel tanks and disaster ensued.  The seals had held in warmer temps but colder conditions had not been factored into the design.  Years prior to the launch, there was thought that the o rings could be a problem, but it was dismissed.

Decades earlier, the Apollo 1 rocket had an electrical fire while on the launch pad and 3 astronauts died. The fire was started by a spark probably caused by damaged wires. The spark ignited the pure oxygen used in the cabin and spread quickly. There was no chance for the men to escape.  A better inspection of the electrical system could have possibly prevented the fire.

Don’t ignore seemingly insignificant electrical issues. It’s far better to have an issue checked out by an electrician and found to be nothing than ignored and creating disaster to your home and family.

As always, you can contact Peter Needham Electrical and HVAC for any electrical or HVAC related issue you may have in your home or business.  Peter is available 24/7!


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