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Staying Home and Staying Safe
March 27, 2020
Happy Easter!
April 11, 2020

With the current “Shelter in Place” rules due to Covid-19, more and more of us are setting up shop at home. After several weeks of working at the kitchen table with the laptop and praying the pandemic will be over soon, you may be thinking it’s time to create a dedicated space to get some work done. After all, oatmeal, coffee and sticky fingers are a real danger for your electronics in your current space. It would be nice as well to have a little peace and quiet out of the fray of the rest of the house. It’s hard to have conference calls and Zoom meetings when the dog is barking and the kids are screaming! There is also the possibility of deducting the costs associated with your home office from your taxes.

ind, you may be thinking about what you could do to make your new space as functional as possible. You may need a couple more electrical outlets, maybe another light fixture and definitely wiring to connect your internet service. Unless you are very handy and you know what you’re doing, you may need some help. It is not wise to try to run your own electrical wiring from your box in order to install more outlets. You may not know if your box can accommodate more outlets and you may not be able to discern what type or amperage of breaker to use. The same with running power to a new light fixture. Your best bet is to call a licensed and experienced electrician rather than take the chance of causing yourself more problems, not to mention the time you will save yourself by calling in a pro.

Peter has the knowledge and expertise to take care of what you need in order to set up your home office space. Peter is available to help you with this and other electrical or HVAC needs, so don’t hesitate to call him. Peter and his crew wear gloves and masks and take every precaution to keep you and them safe. Peter is also available 24/7.

Give Peter a call! 781.396.4800.

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