Tax Refund
What to do with that Tax Return
February 24, 2020
outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard
Outdoor Lighting for Your Home
March 7, 2020

So you went to the lighting store and found a darling new chandelier for your dining room and you just have to have it. Lighting can definitely add beauty and brightness to a tired room.  But, before you buy that new fixture, there are some things to consider.  First, look at the specs on the box and determine what wattage it will require once installed.  Next you need to determine if the amperage that is currently available in your electrical panel will support the needs of the new fixture.  Additionally, is the light fixture you have chosen appropriate for the location?

Many people try to install light fixtures themselves, however, it is always wise to consult an electrician such as Peter Needham.  Peter can install new lighting for you and he will do it right.  Peter knows exactly what you need in order to have that sweet new light fixture properly and safely installed in your home.  You will love the results!

Call Peter today at 781.396.4800.

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