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November 7, 2019
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No Heat in Your Home

No heat emergency

No heat emergencyIt’s freezing cold outside and the temperature inside your house is plummeting as well.  You’re starting to put on more clothes, a sweater, hat, gloves and you can’t figure out why the house is so cold.  Following are 4 things to do before calling a pro:

1.)  Check the thermostat and make sure it didn’t accidentally get bumped to cool instead of heat and make sure you have the correct temperature setting. If it did get bumped, this is obviously an easy fix that you can take care of right away. If it isn’t that, move on to #2.

2.) Check the pilot light on your furnace or boiler and make sure it didn’t go out.  If it did go out and you’re comfortable doing it yourself, relight the pilot light. (Please note that if you smell gas, you should vacate the property and call the utility company instead of trying to light the pilot light) If you aren’t sure what to do, call a pro (like Peter Needham!) If the pilot light is still lit, then move on to #3.

3.) Check the breaker box and make sure the breaker isn’t tripped or if you have a fuse box, make sure the fuse is still good.  Electronic ignitions need electricity to light the furnace or boiler and so having a tripped breaker or blown fuse can cause the heat to not work.  If you check and all is well in the box, then move on to #4.

4.) Find the main power switch to the furnace and make sure it didn’t accidentally get bumped and turned off.  This is also an obvious easy fix if you discover that the switch did indeed get bumped.

If none of the above 4 items fixed the problem, then you should call in a professional.  Peter Needham has 24 hour emergency service. Give him a call for your no heat emergency.


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