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Peter Needham Electrical & HVAC provides electrical repair and installation services including 24 hour emergency electrical and HVAC services. Peter Needham Electrical serves residential and commercial customers in cities including, but not limited to, Medford, Cambridge, Arlington, Somerville, and Lexington, Massachusetts. Peter Needham Electrical & HVAC provides timely, reliable, and competent electrical services and HVAC services year round and 24 hours a day. We are ready to respond to your heating and cooling emergencies:

No heat emergency

No air conditioning emergency

No power emergency

What We Offer:

Furnace tuneups

Boiler inspections

Furnace service and repair

Boiler installation, service and repair

Thermostat replacement or repair

Humidifier installation or repair

Air conditioning repair and maintenance

Electrical services

Nest Thermostat installation

Fuses to circuit breakers, grounding

Indoor wiring, including telephone, DSL, computer, telecommunications, cable TV

Heating systems, including steam heat, hot water, hot air, all controls

Pool wiring, outside ground fault plugs, outside lighting, outdoor speakers

Upgrade old electrical systems, wiring violations corrected, electrical inspections

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector

Electrical and HVAC Services for all seasons

Peter Needham Electrical & HVAC specializes in:

Heating and cooling services

Heating installation, replacement, service, and repair

Cooling installation, replacement, service, and repair

Electrical inspections, electrical installation, replacement, service, and repair

Our HVAC contractors, licensed electricians, and master electricians

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NEST Service

Peter and his tech came to service our NEST in our office building that was malfunctioning. After finding it had originally been wired incorrectly, they fixed that first and then trouble shot the device. He ended up reaching out to a Google Tech after we found it wasn’t connecting to the WiFi and had a hardware issue. Since it’s past its warranty, Peter got us a new NEST and came back this morning to install it and verified we were all up and running. They are very professional and genuine. We will definitely use them for electrical services in the future! Thank you again for the great service!

– Alyson H., Cambridge, MA

Amazing Service and Expertise

Peter Needham Electrical offers amazing service and expertise. We moved to Medford this year when we bought our first home, and through all the contractors we used we felt best about Peter and his team. Arlene in the office is a constant delight and we always feel in excellent hands with Peter and Rohan, both for electric and plumbing work.

For electric, they cleaned out the rust from our exterior box, fixed all the terrible wiring in the basement, extended our electric box, inspected and repaired all the sockets and switches on 3 floors, bubbled the exterior sockets, and installed our new dining room and kitchen light and appliance fixtures. For plumbing, they set up our new washer/dryer hookup, cleaned our heating system, and replaced our exterior hose. We appreciate their exceptional knowledge of their field, their  professionalism, and kindness!

Thank you, Peter Needham Electrical!

– Jason W., Somerville, MA

Very Satisfied

The HVAC contractor for this job picked up the online order and called me for an appointment nearly 5 minutes after I sent in the request. The HVAC contractor arrived on time and completed the job quickly. He explained the rates and how the job would be billed very clearly. Overall I was very satisfied with the job and the service. I plan on using your service in the future.

– C Bowdren,Winchester MA

Showed Up on Time

The HVAC contractor showed up exactly on time, was very courteous and informed me of cost before beginning work. Provided a contract and completed work well and in a short amount of time. I was very happy with them.

– S. Ryan, Somerville MA

Reliable, Clean and Professional

Well, what can I say? These guys are unbelievable! ‘Reliable, clean, and professional’ best describes Peter Needham Electrical. Even the competition is impressed by this company.

–Satisfied Customer, NorthShore, MA


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